McDougall Scientific Leverages Data Management Expertise by launching eTMF Software: ComplyDocs eTMF for Clinical Trials

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McDougall Scientific, one of the leading Statistical Strategy, Analytics and Data Management firms in the life sciences industry, has officially announced the launch of ComplyDocs eTMF, its new electronic trial master file software solution.

The industry-wide momentum to streamline clinical trial processes and adopt applications to improve operational efficiency continues to drive innovation. Studies show that greater efficiencies throughout the process are reported by organizations that use eTMF applications. The number of CROs using eTMF applications has more than doubled over the past few years, and the industry will continue to grow at a 14% growth rate over the next decade. Key stakeholders are taking note.

A company with over 35 years in the industry, McDougall Scientific has introduced an eTMF that augments their service offering and matches the needs of clinical trial stakeholders. “There will be a tremendous increase in the adoption rate in the next 5-7 years. When EDC first came out, people had concerns; and yet, nearly all the trials we deal with now are EDC,” Janet McDougall, President of McDougall Scientific says. “The increase in regulations around privacy, security and compliance – especially in clinical research – may drive the initial adoption of eTMF for some companies but it will be the time/cost savings and the ‘audit readiness’ that will make them permanent adopters.”

Adoption of eTMF software has been shown to reduce costs, accelerate start-up time, improve overall document filing efficiency throughout a trial’s lifecycle and produce a high-quality set of trial documents that are filed on time. With the right application, planning and execution, eTMF benefits are within reach of any company.  Recent surveys have also shown that one of the most important attributes in selecting an eTMF is data security. “We saw the same principles that are applied to data management and security are also required of documents in an eTMF; this is one of our core strengths. ComplyDocs is a complement to our data services,” says McDougall.

Pharma and biotech professionals, and CROs involved in clinical trials are invited to view a personalized demo and explore how ComplyDocs eTMF can streamline their trials.

About ComplyDocs
ComplyDocs eTMF is a software solution built to minimize the risk and complexity of managing clinical trial documentation. ComplyDocs is wholly owned by McDougall Scientific, one of the industry’s most experienced Clinical Trial CROs with 35 years of successfully servicing clients. Further details can be found at


About McDougall Scientific
McDougall Scientific has been one of the industry’s leading specialty Clinical Trial CROs (Contract Research Organization) for over 35 years. Recognized as experts in statistical analysis and data management, McDougall delivers an understanding of business requirements, aligns with regulatory strategy and mitigates risks for biotech and pharmaceutical clients across all phases of their clinical trials. Further details on McDougall Scientific can be found at